Buganda Land Board to provide planned and affordable housing

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga in a group photo after the Investment forum at Serena with some cabinet Ministers and Organization top officials. Second left is the BLB Managing Director Kyewalabye Male

Buganda Land Board has completed its low housing cost planning project proposal at Sentema in Wakiso  and Mayembe ga mbogo in Mpigi. This has been revealed at the presentation by the Managing Director, Mr Kyewalabye Male, in his presentation, “planning and managing land for Affordable Housing development Buganda” during the Buganda Investment forum at Serena Kampala Hotel on the 29th November 2016.

Buganda Land Board is planning on the implementation of the Sentema and ‘Mayembe ga Mbogo proposed affordable housing projects to provide planned and affordable housing based on the idea of gated communities. This will target middle income earners with a stable income as well as to attract the rural population from the unplanned housing settlements. The project is a satellite one to be developed as a gated community of over 940 houses on a vast 204 acres of land, with an estimated accommodation of over 4000 people. The project is said to have a complete set of important housing amenities like schools, hospitals, Hotels including a well-managed green park.

The Mayembe ga Mbogo housing project proporsal in Mpigi District

Speaking at the forum, Male emphasized that a good affordable housing system model should focus on policy, planning, design and financing and partnership and that Buganda Land Board has managed to address such issues for the affordable housing models. “Planning and management of land entails the regulations of use of land and its resources which enables us to sustainably use our land in a way that benefits the current and future population equally” he said. He noted that the land value especially in the peri-urban and rural areas of Uganda has been stagnated due to poor planned housing. “ I believe that the planned housing concept across Buganda will help to increase the value of land enable the rural population become loanable using their houses as security with enormous trickle down of economic and social effects thus adopt the concept of affordable planned housing across Buganda” he added.

The forum which attracted both  Buganda Kingdom organizations and various companies from the Central Government was organized by Buganda Investment Commercial Undertakings Limited (BICUL) and Uganda Investment Authority sponsored by Buganda Land Board among others under the theme ‘’Affordable Housing Development”.

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga who was the guest of honor commended the participants for their dedication towards the event adding that it was the beginning of partnerships and investment for the development of Buganda Kingdom and Uganda as a whole.

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