Massive Titling rolled out for Tenants on Kabaka’s Land.

The Katikiro arrives for the Press conference much to the excitement of everyone in attendance.

The Kingdom of Buganda has begun issuing land titles to all registered tenants on the Kabaka’s land through the Buganda Land Board. This was announced at a press conference held at the seat of the Mengo government in Bulange by the Katikiro of Buganda, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.

The campaign titled ‘A Land Title for Everyone’ (‘Ekyapa Mu Ngalo’) will last for a period of 6 months and in which, over 130,000 land titles are set to be issued to tenants that were registered over the last 15 months. In his remarks, the Katikiro revealed that the campaign was initiated following a directive from the Kabaka to issue titles to bonafide tenants for the purpose of conflict resolution of land disputes and secure individual occupancy.

“Over 130,000 plots so far have been surveyed by Buganda Land Board and these are due for titling. Ownership of a kibanja does not however give one leeway to extend his occupancy beyond agreed boundaries”
Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga emphasized.

This campaign comes at a time when numerous land wrangles have engulfed parts of Buganda and one only needs to visit court houses to discover the number of case files in relation to land disputes. The move will therefore see mutual relations between the Kabaka, his subjects and amongst the subjects themselves heavily improve as it will legitimize the tenancy of occupants and aid the process of conflict resolution for land disputes.

“Through this process, we will secure tenancy of occupants and eliminate probability of eviction.”
Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.

The Katikiro stresses a point at the press conference as Mr. Kyewalabye Male, the CEO of BLB looks on.

A standard leasehold of 49 years will be issued with an automated renewal regardless of the status of the land which provides a greater tenure to the Kabaka’s subjects; leases of 75 years and 99 years may also be granted upon special consideration.

Priority during the exercise will be given to those whose land was already registered during the massive land surveying exercise. Those whose land has not yet been surveyed by BLB are however also encouraged to come forward and kick start the process of having their tenancy legitimized.

The process will also have a fair and reasonably quick and transparent premium assessment mechanism in contrast with other controlling authorities like Kampala district land Board, Uganda land commission and other District land boards. This will make the exercise the most comfortable land titling exercise ever witnessed in Uganda in terms of ease for the tenants trying to get their land titles.

Tenants can get their land titles at any of the BLB branch offices in the different counties of Buganda and the necessary requirements are:

  • A file number if the plot/ kibanja is already registered with Buganda Land Board.
  • Print for the surveyed plot.
  • Assessment of the required charges from the respective BLB branch which will include 5 years ground rent advance.
  • Proof of payment.

To avoid the stress and hustle involved in queuing up to make payments of the assessed required charges, payments can be made electronically using platforms like PayWay among others.

We therefore encourage all tenants residing on the Kabaka’s land to make the most of this six (6) month exercise as there will be a 20% discount on the required charges for acquisition of a land title.

It’s as easy as that. We hope to see you soon at any of our branch offices. Thank you.

Ready to work! The BLB team pose for a picture at the end of the event.


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