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Buganda Land Board is carrying out a Mass titling campaign dubbed ‘A Land Title in your Hands’ for six months aimed at strengthening security of tenure for tenants on the Kingdom land.

 This campaign that is in line with the various laws and legislations in particular the Land Act of 2010 is directed towards issuing leasehold certificates of title to all interested tenants on Kabaka’ land at subsidized costs. This is in accordance with the practice that describes tenancy in Buganda Kingdom as either a Kibanja or a leasehold title and this has been in existence for generations thus strengthening and promoting the sovereignty of the Kingdom.

The campaign further represents the Buganda Kingdom legislative organ’ (Lukiiko) resolution of 1994, to offer leases to all interested tenants on the Kingdom land.

To date over 20,000 leasehold certificates of title have been issued on the Kingdom land and worthy noting is also the fact that even most of the land that was returned to the Kingdom in the 2013 agreement between the Kabaka and the President of Uganda  has leases inherited by BLB  stretching up to 99 years. This therefore demonstrates that leases are not only issued by Buganda Kingdom but also other bodies like Uganda Land Commission, District Land Boards, KCCA, Religious institutions and Private Mailo owners.

Buganda Land Board informs the general public that over time several land reform interventions have been initiated to strengthen security of tenure of all tenants on the Kingdom land and seeks to clarify the following;

  1. BLB acknowledges the fact that there is a special relationship between the Kingdom and people on Buganda kingdom land. Under this relationship, the Kabaka offers a maximum of 99 year leasehold term and a minimum of 49 years to all tenants on kingdom land for those who wish to acquire leasehold titles. This is a special arrangement  that; Includes an automatic renewal clause upon expiry that can be ignored if the lessee expresses lack of interest of renewal before expiry. During the period of expiry, the lessee maintains his/her status until the process of renewal is completed.  Those who have running leases are free to visit BLB offices for lease variation to reflect the aforementioned clause.THIS THUS PUTS TO REST THE GREATLY PUBLICIZED FEAR THAT THE KINGDOM WILL REPOSESS IT’S LESSEES’ LAND UPON EXPIRY OF THEIR LEASES
  2. The Land Title in your hands (Kyapa mu Ngalo) campaign discounted fees are only applicable to the 49 year leasehold term.  Those interested in the 75 or 99 year leasehold term have to express their interest.
  3. All current leaseholders with a 49 (Forty Nine) year term or below have an option under this campaign to extend their leases to a term of 99 (ninety nine) years subject to an arrangement between the lessor and the lessee.
  4. Acquiring leasehold certificates of title is voluntary and shall always continue as such.
  5. Any Kibanja holder who is not interested in having a leasehold title remains a Kibanja holder as per the law and pays busuulu accordingly. The person continues to enjoy full rights of a kibanja holder, gets the protection of the law and Buganda Land Board where the Kibanja is registered and is also expected to continue fulfilling his/her tenant obligations to the Kabaka.

Currently BLB is collecting busuulu as stipulated in the law. The amounts paid are as per the set district land boards or the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban development rates. These range between 2,500/- to 50,000/- depending on the location of the kibanja irrespective of the size. Busuulu collection was resumed in February 2017 for all bibanja holders on Kingdom land and the exercise is running smoothly.

6. Buganda kingdom land is on the mailo tenure system. Under the law, freehold certificates of titles are not issued on mailo land. The Kingdom only issues leasehold certificates of title. It does not allocate perpetual ownership of land. If our predecessors issued perpetual ownership, the current generation would have no access to the Kingdom land.  



  1. It strengthens one’s security of tenure since a certificate of title is conclusive evidence of ownership of land.
  2. It increases the value of the land as the geographical boundaries and ownership are very clear thereby averting possible land disputes.
  3. A lease certificate of title is a more credible form of collateral with financial institutions. It is also a better reference to land ownership for access to utility services.
  4. A holder of a leasehold certificate of title has the capacity to issue titles in form of condominiums, sub-lease or sub-division surveys. This makes the titled land more marketable and beneficial to the owner.
  5. A Certificate of title is a prerequisite to the approval of any building plan in any part of Uganda. This is as per the Physical Planning Act 2010, (Section 3 – Declaration of a planning area) that declared the whole country a planning area.
  6. Protects you from the burdens of unending land conflicts accruing from boundary tracing.
  7. In case of any compensation due to infrastructural developments like road construction, the value allotted to the affected person with a leasehold title is higher than that of a kibanja holder.

What you need to obtain the Lease from BLB

  • The Kibanja should be registered with BLB (should have a file number)
  • It should be surveyed (with a deed plan or such similar evidence).


Buganda Land Board has also introduced an innovative system of land information management through a secured smart card to minimize fraudulent transactions. This innovation uses the biometric palm vein technology (Land Electronic card) that links the tenant identity to their land records. It is secure and has the ability to avail the tenant’s land information in time of need. No transaction can be done on a client’s file without authorization of the owner. All these initiatives are aimed at securing tenancy on the Kingdom land.


Buganda Land Board will continue with innovative approaches aimed at securing tenancy on the Kingdom land as well as giving occupants chance and a conducive environment to develop their land. Acquiring leasehold certificates of titles is voluntary and those willing to maintain their Kibanja status are free to do so provided they pay Busuulu and abide by the various land laws i.e. seeking consent from the landlord to develop or transferring kibanja interests. BLB will continue to demonstrate transparency and professionalism based on the Kingdom’s core values of integrity and posterity for future generations.


For more Information, contact any of the BUGANDA LAND BOARD offices or call Tel; 0312-263741 /0800 140140 /0730363742  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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