BLB clarifies on Mubende evictions


Buganda Land Board's Managing Director, Kyewalabye-Male.

Butoloogo and Maduudu (Mubende district) land evictions.


1.M/s Quality Parts co. LTD bought land on block 61 which was formerly owned by the Late Sir. Daudi Chwa II . The land neighbours Kabaka's land (land taken care of by Buganda Land Board) which is on block 66.

2. When Buganda Land Board launched its mass registration of tenants on Kabaka's land in 2015, some people, nearly 40 of them on block 61 went and registered themselves as bibanja holders on block 66 which is under Buganda Land Board.

3. After verification, like the norm is whenever any registration is done, Buganda Land Board found out that the nearly 40 people who had registered themselves as bibanja holders on block 66 were actually on private mailo land ( block 61) owned by M/S Quality Parts Co. LTD. Buganda Land Board then undertook to refund their money and is in the process of refunding registration money to the nearly 40 people who erroneously got themselves registered with it.

Buganda Land Board sympathises with those who say that they were evicted from their bibanja but wishes to make it known that it was handicapped by the land being private land, and therefore could not stop the evictions by the said company since it was happening on land it had no authority over.

Buganda Land Board always seeks to, and protects lawful tenants on Kabaka's land against illegal evictions.

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