Surveyors appreciate BLB managing director

The Institute of Surveyors in Uganda has appreciated Buganda Land Board for the organisation’s quality of service by hiring the right personnel.

This was during a meeting at the BLB boardroom where Managing Director Kyewalabye-Male hosted leaders of ISU that had paid him a courtesy visit and to hand him a certificate of appreciation.

The ISU team was led by Dr Ronald Ssengendo, the chairman of Land Surveyors in Uganda,Mr Gideon Musoke, the vice chairperson of land surveyors in Buganda region and Ms Florence Nambooze, the vice national secretary.

MrSsengendo said BLB is one of the few organisations in Uganda with surveyors registered with ISU.

“We are privileged to have some of your employees as part of the few people with the prestigious title of RSU (Registered Surveyors of Uganda),” said Ssengendo.

“Mr Bashir KizitoJuma is not only RSU but also a fellow at ISU. We also have RSU Florence Nambooze, one of the first women to become RSU, who is also our honorary vice national secretary. Then there is RSU MathiasMulumba and finally Mr Raymond Lubwama, who has sat exams and passed for becoming RSU. So, BLB has a big representation,” he said.

Ssengendo said the organization, which brings together land surveyors, valuers and quantity surveyors, now comprises over 1,000 members.

He also thanked BLB management for always supporting ISU causes such as sponsoring their annual general meeting and prayed that this spirit continues.

He mentioned BLB’s TV and Radio programmes of Ettake ye Nyaffe where ISU members have appeared to sensitize the public about matters concerning surveying.

On his part, Mr Male appreciated ISU for the gesture and promised that BLB will continue participating and supporting ISU activities in any way possible.

He noted that such professional organisations play a big role in ridding surveying of masqueraders who cheat unsuspecting clients of their hard-earned money claiming to be genuine surveyors.

“I feel so bad when people address us as land thieves. It is because of the wrong elements. While the masqueraders are interested in hiding information, our core objective is transparency. Land wrangles and other attendant challenges are because land information is hidden. That is what we are here to end,” he said, noting that while the centre of fake documents is Nasser road in Kampala, the centre of fake surveyors is Dewinton road.

He, for instance, said that very few people can differentiate between a fake and genuine land title because they can’t point out unique features of titles. He thus urged ISU to ensure quality of service because all land documentation starts with genuine surveys.

“We still struggle with some government offices that make our work difficult through unnecessary bureaucracy. Why should someone wait for six months to get a deep print? Really!” he said.

He encouraged ISU to champion innovative ways of land surveying such that time comes where a surveyor does not necessarily have to go to a specific place to survey it.

He juxtaposed it with BLB’s land electronic card that uses the palm-vein technology where someone can store their land documentation only accessible to them through the palm.

He finished by cautioning surveyors against taking their grooming for granted. He noted that while their work involves menial duties, they should hold themselves with high esteem such that they can look different from the masqueraders.

“It costs nothing if you wear a suit and drive up to the site and then change into overalls. If you take your grooming seriously, even clients will value you more,” he said.

He advised DrSsengendo, who teaches at Makerere University, to start a programme that inculcates a business and management aspect in all survey students. Mr Male noted that most surveyors do not put a business aspect in their work and would be comfortable with a few projects without necessarily minding about what their single project means to the overall profession.




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