Land Awareness Week in Mubende.

Omuk.Kyewalabye-Male speaking during the meeting with the district leadership and other stakeholders.

Land Awareness Week in Mubende. What Buganda Land Board M.D Omuk.Kyewalabye-Male  said during the stakeholders meeting ahead of the opening ceremony. 

1. Land without demarcation is a disaster .

2. Buganda Land Board will not condone any illegal evictions.

3. Government can't be a land owner on Kibanja.

4. There's need for tenure security and registration of interests. He has encouraged people to use this week to secure their interests on land.

5. Appealed to the RDC and Politicians in Mubende to allow the technocrats to do their work but asked technocrats to also be professional.

6. Omuk.Kyewalabye-Male has called for unity between the Buganda chief in Buwekula County (Luwekula), @BugandaLandB Mubende branch and the District Local Government to solve land disputes.

7. Appealed to the area Member of @Parliament_Ug to ensure that land tribunals are reconstituted and funded.

8. Omuk. Kiwalabye-Male has highlighted that there is a gap in institutions that manage land and that land officers should be more professional in their work.

9. There's a tendency to focus on sensitizing communities on land rights & we forget to educate institutions that are supposed to implement & enforce them.

10. There's need to ensure professional & ethical technocrats.

Mubende RDC appreciates #LandAwarenessWeek engagement and welcomes the team @UccaUg @actionaiduganda @BugandaLandB and noted the land law is not a bad law but everyone seems to interprete it in their way.

Area Member of Parliament Mubende very thankful for this activity as it touches the core of the issues in the area and it was long overdue#LandAwarenessWeek

A community member being sensitised.

Community Sensitisation on Land Rights and processes at Mayor's Gardens, Mubende district. This activity ends on 8th June-2018. People of  Naluwondwa, Kikoma, Maddudu-Gombolola, Lulongo, Kilawula communities are being engaged.

Participants of the stakeholders meeting in a group photo


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