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Buganda Land Board has flagged two files of two people who had grabbed Gombolola land at Najjembe and registered it in their names. It has also warned them against trespassing on the said land again.

This came as a result of an investigation followed by an operation to rescue the land which was led by the Najjembe Gombolola chief Mr. Kitanda Edward Musoke, the BLB field operations manager, Mr. Ssejengo Baker, BLB’s Njeru branch manager Mr.Kasozi Martin and Kyaggwe territory manager Ms.Nakirija Unia

Among those whose files have been flagged and made to return land they had grabbed is Mr.James Ssali who is a former Muluka chief and Mr. Kakeerankya who is a fomer Mutongole of the area.

The operation was carried out as a result of Kabaka’s Gombolola chief Mr.Musoke filing a complaint with BLB against the two, accusing them of registering Gombolola land as their private property.

Buganda Land Board’s Ssejengo Baker reiterated that Buganda Land Board will continue fighting to see that Buganda kingdom land is protected against land grabbers, no matter their current or former statuses in the country.

Meanwhile, the two, Mr. Ssali and Mr. Kakeerankya pleaded guilty to grabbing the land and accepted to vacate it without seeking any compensation. They however asked to be allowed to harvest their produce in the said land. Something Buganda Land Board consented to.