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Owek.Kyewalabye-Male the Buganda Land Board Managing Director while closimg closing the maiden #BLBHERLANDRIGHTS  "We still have a knowledge gap which needs be addressed. Awareness campaigns are expensive, we need support from partners. Stakeholders should share experiences on what has worked elsewhere on similar campaigns.We need to emphasise the role of men, given the history of our culture, for the good of the#herlandrights campaign. Men should not feel threatened or endangered."


BLB MD Owek.Kyewalabye-Male speaking at the conference......

The state minister for Lands Hon.Persis Namuganza applauded BLB for its continued efforts to sensitise masses, especially women, about the importance of securing tenancy. She thanked BLB for organising the workshop aimed at ensuring women land rights. She said the goal of gender mainstreaming is equal participation, something BLB has ably done in its land ownership certification processes...

Minister Namuganza speaking at the worshop.

BLB's MD Owek.Kyewalabye-Male welcoming the Hon.Namuganza

 Mr. Adolfo Cires from the European Union. "Women are challenged by very expensive loans which have a short repayment plan and require huge collateral. If your land is not registered, it is hard to have rights on it."

Mr. Adolfo Cires from the European Union.

GIZ's Thorsten Huber wondered if banks can start accepting Land Information Protocals and BLB's Certificates of occupancy (Ebbaluwa Ekakasa Obusenze) as collateral for loans.

GIZ's Thorsten Huber 

#BLBHERLANDRIGHTS. Sophie Kyagulanyi from OXFAM: "I thank BLB for taking a bold step to sit in the hot seat. Buganda is landowner and people look at landlords as the unjust party.She is discussing land and inequality.

Almost 1/3 of ugandans are subsistence farmers living in poverty. at Oxfam we believe that poverty an injustice created. The current policy regime may not help us unlock development potentials of Uganda. Government programs on agriculture target only those with land,to get seedlings. In all of these, it is the fewer that are targeting. we cannot unlock Uganda's economic potential if we are targeting the few."

Sophie Kyagulanyi from OXFAM.

#BLBHERLANDRIGHTS. Joseph Lutwama from Financial sector deepening Uganda." Land injustices have been created by the policy drive of land for investment.Kyapa mu Ngalo is a first step to financial inclusion."
Joseph Lutwama from Financial sector deepening Uganda.

#BLBHERLANDRIGHTS. Naome Kabanda, Commissioner from Ministry of Lands  discussed the National Land policy, gender and certificate of occupancy......

She said, "Land leasing is doing well on Bugandaa Land, but there is a big question whether the same can work for customary land. It is now a legal debate. As legal lawyers, we say the only way to lease land is if you have a document for it: you must have a lease title, freehold or mailo title. The other option is issuance of certificates of title, but there must be agreement between the landlord and tenant .We have developed a gender strategy as a ministry which we all have to adopt. As players, you will be required to have a certificate of gender compliance in future."

Naome Kabanda, Commissioner from Ministry of Lands.

Simon Peter Mwesigye from UN Habitat. "The legislation and policy framework is adequate but the big challenge is the rolling out of these policies. we are happy that BLB is coming out with a campaign to improve land rights. Land administrative units are ill equipped....many women are still unable to obtain land. Only 7 per cent of land is owned by women. The challenge ahead of us is quite huge. 60 per cent of all court disputes are related to land. We are supporting ministry to digitise issuance of customary certificates of title. Gender responsible fit-for-purpose tools are a means through which existing policies can be implemented. We are happy that BLB is doing this."

Simon Peter Mwesigye from UN Habitat

"Am a proud owner of kwata ekyapa", said Dr Maggie Kigozi of BLB's Kyapa mu Ngalo. She  further talked about the importance of writing a will to avoid conflicts upon death of the estate owner. "We are not talking about men alone, women have property and must write wills.."

Cissy Kiyaga-Business Development manager BLB."We want land to be registered in favour of wives, children, widows, orphans...We want to protect women in polygamous unions. We call upon all partners to see how they can impact on the lives of people living on Kabaka's land...." 

Panel discussion on Women in Business: Victoria Byenkya from DFCU, Juliet Bajja from Centenary bank and Anne Nakawunde from Finance Trust.
Victoria DFCU: "We focus on women in trade, agriculture and professionals."
Centenary's Juliet. "We target the unemployed woman at home with some money but no idea how to develop. We train them to do business using savings. When the business starts making some money, then they become eligible to borrowing....."

Anne Nakawunde from Finance Trust.: "we are taking care of women out there through simple loans such as 'loankussimu'. We tell clients to first go to BLB and register their land before getting loans."


Omuk.Bashir Kizito, BLB's Head Operations and Business Deevelopment giving welcoming remarks at the workshop.

The audience at the workshop listening to BLB's MD.

BLB's team chatting outside the workshop hall. L-R Owek.Kyewalabye-Male(MD), Omuk.Kizito Bashir(Head Operations and Business Development), Mr.Denis Bugaya(Senior Manager-Operations and Business Development)