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On 31st July 2019, the people of Buganda joined the Kabaka of Buganda to celebrate his 26th coronation anniversary. The ceremony which took place at Nkumba university in Entebbe was attended by hundreds of Kabaka loyal subjects attended the ceremony in addition to other distinguished dignitaries.

Among the distinguished dignitaries was the Sultan of Sokoto Muhammadu Sa'ad Abubakar. At the ceremony, the sultan addressed the gathering. In his speech, the Sultan praised the Kabaka for his effort to fight diseases, poverty and injustice. The sultan further said that because the Kabaka fights for the common people, it is why he is much loved, concluding that one can force themselves on people but they can never force people to love them.

At the celebrations, the Kabaka also addressed the hundreds of people who turned up to celebrate with him, urging people in his address to continue embracing coffee farming. Ssaabasajja in the same breath asked the central government to see to it that cooperative unions are revived to help farmers with financing and marketing of coffee produce.


The Kabaka planting a tree at Nkumba University to comemorate the coronation anniversary.


The Kabaka greeting the Sultan of Sokoto at the celebrations.