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The Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga met Kabaka’s Gombolola and  Miruka chiefs at Muganzirwaza to talk with them about various issues and to chart ways to help the people of Buganda improve their livelihoods and to  guide them in the way they do their work in .

 In his guidance, the Katikkiro asked the chiefs to work with Buganda Land Board when it comes to land issues and not work against its activities. The Katikkiro told the chiefs that if they need land for use, they should go through Buganda land board.

He further guided them that even when they think there are things which are not going on well at Buganda Land Board, they should write to the managing director or to the minister of lands in Buganda to have their issues followed up and sorted. He also warned the chiefs who connive with other people to steal kingdom land, plus those who collect illegal land fees from people that the kingdom won’t hesitate to have them prosecuted and imprisoned.

We bring you a pictorial of what transpired in the meeting.

L-R  Katikkiro Charles peter mayiga, Buganda Attorney General (Owek.Bwanika) and Buganda minster of lands (Owek.Mariam Mayanja) listening to issues which were being raised by the chiefs.

The Katikkiro addressing the chiefs.


Buganda Land Board officials, Omuk. Bashir Kizito(in a blue suit), Mr.Simon Kabogooza(seated next to Bashir) following proceedings at the meeting.

Muwambya Wasswa of  Ziroobwe .....airing out his views in the meeting…….


A cross-section of the chiefs who attended the meeting.