Buganda Land Board and FIDA- Uganda through their respective CEOs, Omuk. Simon Kabogoza for BLB and Mrs. Lillian Byarugaba Adriko for FIDA-Uganda have signed an MOU to strengthen the security of tenure for especially vulnerable women in Buganda, starting with the greater Luweero territory. Such vulnerable groups include Widows, elderly women, women-led families, women in far-to-reach areas, women living with HIV, and many more.

BLB CEO signing the MOU
BLB CEO Omuk.Simon Kabogoza signing the MOU on behalf of BLB

Representing 80 percent of the agricultural labor force in Uganda, women carry out most of the agricultural work producing up to 80 percent of food and cash crops. Despite their essential contributions to the national economy, however, only a few women enjoy secure rights to the land they till. In fact, with control and ownership of land mainly concentrated in the hands of men, most women are crucially dependent upon male family members for access to land.


Therefore, through this memorandum, Buganda Land Board and FIDA- Uganda shall mutually work together and leverage on each other’s expertise to support vulnerable women to register their interests on land and acquire certificates of title under land managed by Buganda Land Board.

Buganda Land Board and FIDA- Uganda shall also through their respective areas of operation collaborate to undertake interventions including the dissemination of legal information on land justice and address the legal disputes that arise through formal and informal legal systems.

FIDA-Uganda CEO signing the MOU on behaf of FIDA-Uganda
FIDA-Uganda CEO Mrs. Lillian Byarugaba Adriko signing the MOU on behalf of FIDA-Uganda

This MOU also presents a framework through which the two institutions are able to ensure gender-responsive practices in the land structures and administration including the Buganda Kingdom Local Government structures ie ‘Abatongole’, ab’Emiruka, ab’Amagombolola ‘Abamasaza ’and Buganda Land Board officials.


The CEO of BLB stated: “We will sign this MOU with the intention of continuing to work with FIDA-U on these issues. We have worked with them before to improve the well-being of communities and feel it was prudent to have this partnership formalized”

Speaking to the importance of formalizing this partnership, the CEO of Buganda Land Board Omuk. Simon Kabogoza said, “This MOU will not just run for 2-3 years, this partnership is necessary enough that we have made it open ending, so we may continue working on this issue without constraints”

FIDA-Uganda CEO Mrs. Lillian Byarugaba Adriko speaking at the signing occasion said that “FIDA-Uganda is confident that this agreement lays fertile ground for the development of mechanisms which will assist women and marginalized groups struggling to secure land tenure” Both Buganda Land Board and FIDA- Uganda are confident that this partnership presents a fertile ground for both partners to support vulnerable women in strengthening the security of tenure and also for cross-learning among the institutions.

FIDA-Uganda and BLB CEO exchanging the signed MOUs
FIDA-Uganda and BLB CEO exchanging the signed MOUs