How Buganda Land Board, RDC blocked eviction of 4000 Buikwe residents

Buganda Land Board, together with the RDC of Buikwe Hajjat Hawa Ndege, has moved to block an eviction of over 4000 people in Buikwe district.

The residents of Busagazi parish in Najja sub-county-Buikwe district have been living in fear of being evicted after unscrupulous people calling themselves agents of the Namasole of Buganda gave them an ultimatum to get off the land which measures over 2 square miles.
The unscrupulous people have been using fraudulent titles to intimidate residents and extort busuulu plus other monetary dues from them.

The chairman of Najja subcounty Mr. Lukwago Musa says that the residents have been living in fear, not knowing who the rightful owner of the land is, and welcomed Buganda Land Board for coming out to stop the unscrupulous people from evicting them.

The RDC of Buikwe Hajjat Hawa Ndege welcomed the move by the Buganda Land Board to come to the rescue of the people and pledged unwavering support to it in its efforts to register the people on the land.

She said that on several occasions, she has asked the unscrupulous people who claim ownership of the land to bring to her documentation proving their ownership, but they have never brought them. She, therefore, asked them to stop disturbing the bibanja holders seated on the land.

The RDC further urged people not to live in fear and to register their bibanja with Buganda Land Board in order for them to receive protection from the institution.

Mr. Moses Gambobbi, an official from Buganda Land Board explained to the residents that the Busagazi land is an official estate of Buganda kingdom and is therefore administered by BLB and thus no one should confuse them or threaten to evict them.

He pledged to them that Buganda Land Board would register them and protect them against any eviction. Buikwe district is one of the districts in Uganda where land wrangles and evictions are rampant.

In the same district in Golomolo sub-county residents have been battling former minister of water and sanitation Ronald Kibuule who has tried on several occasions to evict them using a land title that Buganda Land Board says is fraudulent and has moved to have canceled.

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