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Express Survey and Express Titling

In line with meeting our customer needs, BugandaLand Board introduced “Express Surveying” and “Express Titling” services. These services offer a rapid response service that is specialized unique, and flexible in the application of its procedures and processes but consistent with policy. These services are optional and do not affect BLB’s standard code of practice time scales. The product/service is intended for the following bracket of clients;
a) All those who intend to have their bibanja surveyed so fast (for various reasons) and are willing to pay extra for it.
b) New clients who have not paid any survey fees or title fees before,
c) Any old clients not described in (b) above may need to access the services.

Express survey
If a client is interested in express survey, he/ she would have to pay Shs 5m. if that client
had initially paid the normal Shs 2,000,000 for registration and survey, and the file was opened,
the initial 2,000,000 will be treated as  ground advance.

Express Titling
A client makes a top up of the 2,500,000/- on the normal titling fees assessed to enroll for express titling. A client cannot pay for express titling unless they already have deed plans.
Therefore, only clients with deed plans can pay for Express Titling. In case the client has no deed
plans, then they first pay for express survey  to get deed plans.

what advantages does it offer?
1. Clients under the express products are given
a ‘VIP’ treatment by getting daily updates on the progress of their files.
2. Super service in delivery of what they have paid for. Deed plans are delivered in less than two weeks.
3. For express surveys, if a client pays before 2pm, they get their survey done on the same day of payment.
Summary of prices and Turn-around time

Delivery time
Express survey Kampala
Price: 5,000,000/= Delivery time: 2 weeks
Express survey | Kampala
Commercial 6,000,000/= Delivery: 2 weeks
Express survey.

Other areas Residential 3,500,000/- Delivery time: 2 weeks
Express survey | Other areas
Commercial: 4,500,000/= Delivery time: 2weeks
Express Titling.
Price: 2,500,000/= Delivery time: 2 weeks
on top of the normal titling fees.

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