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Kibanja Registration

Buganda Land Board recognizes the existing relationship between the landlord and the tenant (Kibanja Holder). Registration
therefore, it ensures that this relationship is regularized, harmonized, and beneficial to all parties.

Any person (citizen or non-citizen) is eligible to apply for registration.
All areas covered by our jurisdiction apart from those that have been reserved by Buganda Kingdom or have restrictions imposed upon them by government controlling authorities such as NEMA are eligible for registration.

Reserved land includes all that land identified by the Buganda Cabinet as land comprising
of cultural sites, royal palaces as well as land reserved for planned future use and settlements.
Note: Applications on reserved land are not entertained. However, for land reserved for
development, applications are subjected
to national, district, and local physical development plans as approved by the relevant authorities.

Requirements for Registration
The client is required to avail the following to kick-start the registration process.

I.Proof of Kibanja /land ownership
documents including agreements, gift deeds, copies of wills, letters of administration, certificates of titles, introduction letters, etc.

II.Sketch or directional map
III. Three (3) passport photos for the applicant or for each applicant (in case of
more than one applicant).
IV. Photo of plot or development on the land. (With the owner and BLB staff inclusive).
V. Pay the necessary fees in the bank to apply, verify, register, plan, value, and survey
the Kibanja.

Verification of ownership
This stage involves the branch manager, land inspector, any other Buganda Land Board staff, Kabaka's chiefs, neighbors, and local authorities who verify ownership and authenticate documents.
In an event of disputes, a file will not be opened until when resolved.
Physical Planning Inspection
The Physical Planning Inspection is done to crosscheck plans or existing development
on the land against planning standards.
The following key issues are considered;
Nature of shelter
Types of roads
Building line; Front/Side/Rear
Plot size
User (Residential/Commercial or Other)
Method of water supply/ surface water
disposal/Sewerage/Refuse disposal. This is done by the relevant physical planning body.

When you register your Kibanja with us, you enable us to protect it for you against land grabbers.

Take a decision today to register your Kibanja and get a land title. Registration is cheaper than the cost of fighting off land grabbers without you having any documentation.

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