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Land Electronic Card

This is a card innovated by Buganda Land Board for the purpose of safeguarding land documents of people on Kabaka's land.

This card uses the palm-vein technology, one of the best in fighting fraud. With the LE-card,
no transaction can be completed without the authorization of Buganda Land Board and the consent of the actual owner of the card.

Registration for LE-Card
Visit any of our branches.
Present authentic BLB land ownership documents and BLB file number
Present either a Valid National D,
Passport or Driving Permit
Get service request payment form
Follow the mobile money procedures to pay Shs 100,000 for your BLB LE-CARD.
Companies pay Shs 200,000 in a single issuance. One card applies for multiple pieces of land one owns.
Advantages of LE Card
Ability to provide real-time data to tenants in time of need and query
Saves the owner from carrying a lot of documents during transactions
It is convenient and simplifies transactions
i.e transactions can be done at any time and day.
It fights fraud and impersonation

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