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Lease Access Financing Iniative (LAFI)

Buganda Land Board came up with an apt solution where it partners with financial institutions to help clients who are financially constrained but want to secure tenancy in order to acquire loans to facilitate the exercise. BLB works with a series of financial institutions including

Centenary Rural Bank, Opportunity Development Bank,
Tropical Bank, Housing Finance Bank, Post Bank, etc. Many more are coming on board.

Benefits of LAFI
It enables clients access finances on friendlier terms in order to secure tenancy.
On part of the financial institutions, it increases the number of loan applications
with meaningful collateral.
A wider client base for Buganda Land Board of Title holders on Kabaka's land.

Obligations of the parties
The clients go through the normal Buganda Land Board's leasing process.
Kibanja Occupants
Provide requirements for registration and survey
Be in possession of an account with the financial institution
Have a steady income for loan repayment.

Buganda Land Board
Ascertain applicant's ownership
of kibanja.
Process applicant's information
Provide a valuation estimate for the client to the Financial Institution
Process the Leasehold Certificate of Title
Present to the Financial Institution the client's title as collateral

Financial Institutions
a) Assess client's creditworthiness
b) Advance estimated dues to Buganda Land Board
c) Hold all securities until the loan is cleared

Process Flow
Application for this facility is made available both at Buganda Land Board and participating financial institutions
The duly filled application forms should be forwarded to Buganda Land Board for preliminary scrutiny.
The applicant is required to pay at least 20% of the pre-determined costs for
lease processing inclusive of survey fees.
Buganda Land Board forwards valuation estimates needed to process the lease for the client to the financial institution.

The financial institution is required to make the necessary payments to enable BLB process the title.
Buganda Land Board presents to financial institutions the client's title as collateral.

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