Intact Design

Tools used

Photoshop, Illustrator


Application from the registered Proprietor for a sub-division stating the number of expected plots and their respective areas. Indicate the intended use for the resulting plots.

A cad astral sub-division plan showing expected plots and adequate access to each of them.
A copy of the certificate of title for the plot intended to be sub-divided.
Passport photographs of the Registered Proprietor. (if they are not on file).
Sketch directing map to the plot intended to be sub-divided. (if its not on file).
Pay all ground rent due.
Note: Consent to subdivide will not be given in case the plot intended to be sub-divided is below the minimum size required.

A sub-division consent fee is payable after approving the application.Cost of the sub-division survey is met by the applicant. Ground rent is reviewed and paid separately for each of the resulting plots.

Write an application letter for a new lease offer to the CEO Buganda Land Board
Pay premium deposit as given on the pay advice slip.
The application is forward to the Lease committee to await a new lease offer.
An application from the registered proprietor for consent to transfer addressed to the CEO Buganda Land Board including the name(s), address and other contacts of the purchaser.

Passport photograph(s) of the purchaser/donee.

Vendor/Donor’s identity card photocopy.

A copy of the certificate of title.(If not on file)
A directional sketch map to the plot.(If not on file)
A still photograph of the developments on the plot. (If not on file)
A copy of the sale agreement witnessed by an Advocate.
Pay all ground rent due.
Payment of the transfer consent fees

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